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Condominium & Community Association Law

Condominium and Community Association Law Is Constantly Evolving

You Need Lawyers Who Will Help You Keep Ahead While Keeping a Rein on Costs

Condominiums and Community Associations predominate in New Jersey, so it is no wonder that the New Jersey Courts and Legislature have played a large role in forming the law that guides the boards that govern these residential communities. For over ten years, Freidel & Kramer, P.C. has been staying on top of this constantly evolving field in order to keep its Association clients ahead in such complex areas as money management, election issues, and collection requirements. When we serve as General Counsel to a Condominium or Community Association Board of Trustees, we strive to serve every legal need that arises, whether it is negotiating the snow removal contract, mediating owner disputes, or assisting in submitting a major insurance claim; we are available when you need us.


Knowing and Meeting the Requirements of Governing Documents is Key To Preventing Problems

For Condominium Associations and Community Associations alike, the need to comply with the Association's own governing documents is more important than ever in this age of increased owner and public scrutiny.

Board members, who are volunteers, often do not have the specialized knowledge, or the time, required to comply with both the governing documents and applicable laws and codes. Yet, legal fees must be kept to a minimum. Our firm recognizes that and will work with your Board to educate you and minimize expenses.


The Necessary Evil for Every Board to Address; the Sooner the Better

In the area of collection, our firm can maximize recovery, and take all possible measures to ensure that the legal fees and costs are included in the amount recovered from the delinquent owner.

Where stronger measures are needed, we will take those measures for your Association at the earliest time approved by your Board, minimizing losses and costs to other owners.


Review and Negotiation by Counsel Pre-Signing Can Pay for Itself

We also assist our Association clients in negotiating contracts, often bringing about savings that more than make up for the expense of utilizing our services, and, importantly, helping you to avoid terms that could lead to unexpected costs down the road.

A thoughtful Board can handle many responsibilities on its own. But when the expertise of a lawyer is needed, Freidel & Kramer, P.C. as your general counsel will have your back, ready to assist you immediately. Call or email our office today to schedule a time for our attorneys to meet with your Board.