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Freidel & Kramer, P.C., about the firm

Family Law


The firm provides various services when it comes to divorce, whether you are the one filing for divorce or your spouse has filed. The process of divorce can be one of great emotional stress and the firm will provide you with knowledge and experienced representation to alleviate that stress. We will handle your case with both competence and compassion, and help you achieve the best possible result while at the same time preserving your sanity. Some firms will treat you like a party to a case; at our firm we will treat you like the person you are, a person facing a difficult time in your life.

Post-Divorce Issues

Unfortunately, there are many issues that can arise after your divorce is finalized. The firm can help you with problems that can arise long after the divorce is granted, such as the enforcement of alimony orders, child custody and support issues, and modification of existing custody or support orders and agreements.

Other Family Law Issues

One need not be married to have issues arise that raise complex relationship issues. Child custody and support issues where there has been no marriage, grandparent rights, adoption, financial entanglements that stem from the forever relationship that wasn't – this firm can assist you in identifying your options and moving forward.