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Freidel & Kramer, P.C., about the firm

Insurance Law

Since its inception in 2000, this firm has handled work for the several insurance carriers. As trial lawyers, we know that there is no substitute for quality experience when it comes to handling the big cases, but to every client, whether the case involves complicated issues of toxic tort and multi-party cross indemnification, or is the simplest slip and fall on an icy walkway–it is important when it is their case. Especially in the current litigation climate, where the emphasis is on Alternative Dispute Resolution and other alternate forms of disposing of cases, it is important to choose attorneys who have taken numerous difficult matters to verdict but also will be handling the case all the way through the process. We have handled and tried numerous casualty defense matters and know the importance of being prepared to take a case to verdict–and also be ready to recognize that window of opportunity to settle when the moment is right. Whether a case ultimately proceeds to a verdict or settles along the way, knowing that your attorney is fully prepared to try it with confidence and competence provides a comfort level difficult to achieve when you are involved in any type of litigation.

We have geared our insurance defense practice to two specific needs, defending claims and lawsuits against insureds and handling matters concerning the investigation and evaluation of first party claims by a carrier's insured. In defending litigated matters, we achieved great success on behalf of our carriers' insureds and have obtained numerous defense verdicts. Most importantly, we have worked with our carrier clients in developing plans for determining which matters should be tried and which should be resolved, and worked with them in achieving resolutions that exceed their expectations.

In dealing with first party claims on behalf of our carrier clients, we have achieved great success as well. Cases we have worked on, and the recommendations that have flowed from our investigations and evaluations, have led to significant savings to the carrier without adverse action against the company. Our work has led to claim denials that have saved our carrier clients from significant exposure. Beyond the immediate savings, our work has led to successful criminal investigations. In one claim involving the alleged theft of computer equipment that would have resulted in a policy limits payout of nearly two million dollars, our handling of the case not only provided justification for the denial of the claim, but it was our work product that was relied on heavily in the criminal prosecution of the insured's principal by federal authorities.

When it comes to casualty defense cases, our carrier clients can rely on knowing that their matter will be handled by a partner with over twenty-five years of trial experience handling major cases. At Freidel & Kramer, we recognize that our clients are your clients, and we treat your insureds with respect and the same prompt, courteous attention we show all of our clients.