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Freidel & Kramer, P.C., about the firm

Welcome to Our Firm!

Freidel & Kramer, P.C. is a partnership that brings over fifty years of trial experience and legal knowledge to work for its clients. Donna L. Freidel and Talbot B. Kramer have merged their varied backgrounds and different styles of practice, to provide a well-rounded, comprehensive legal expertise to every situation.

The firm was started by Ms. Freidel in 2000. Known then as The Law Office of Donna L. Freidel, the practice concentrated its work in the areas of insurance casualty defense and condominium/community association law. Insurance fraud proved a natural area of growth from the former, while issues of insurance coverage and construction law provided a link between the insurance and condominium and community association legal issues.

Tal Kramer joined the firm in 2005, and in 2006, the practice evolved into its present form, Freidel & Kramer, P.C. Mr. Kramer brought his own extensive trial experience in insurance law, including litigation involving E&O claims, casualty defense, and tort claim litigation.

On-going efforts to provide all of the firm’s clients’ needs led to a greater involvement in the areas of Elder Law and Estate Practice, as well as a select practice in Matrimonial law. The firm also focuses on the continually evolving area of foreclosure as it affects Condominium and Community Associations.

With each matter it handles, the goal of Freidel & Kramer, P.C. is to give its clients the same quality to be obtained from the largest law firms, along with the personal, prompt service to be found at a small firm. At our firm, your case will always be handled by a partner and every question answered promptly, thoroughly and courteously.